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3 Things a Social Media Agency Should Handle

Social Media agencies in Singapore are often hybrid businesses whose strengths and abilities range from online public relations to social media strategy. Social media marketing often crosses paths with customer service, search, and media planning.

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A social media agency works with clients in the same way as traditional agencies. They will charge a retainer fee, an hourly rate, or a project-based fee. You should also have a clear idea of what needs to be done, just as you would with any other agency.

Strategy: This strategy should be kept in the possession of a social media agency. Traditional agencies are not equipped to keep up with the new tools, tactics, and technology that are available. Ask your agency questions about their skill sets, and particularly resources.

Community Management: Engaging your friends and followers on an hourly, if not daily basis is no easy task. You will need to dedicate your full-time resources to find relevant content, publish it, and monitor interactions. It is a smart decision to hire a social media agency in Singapore for this part of your business.

Monitoring: Listening and responding to conversations about your business or brand is essential for shaping how people engage with you. A social media agency in Singapore with the right tools can interpret the hashtags, likes, and shares of the content you create and turn them into a useful resource for other marketing campaigns.