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4 Signs That A Blocked Drain Needs Emergency Plumbing In Fremont


When drains become blocked, pressure rises inside the pipes. This can cause water to be forced out even through the smallest of openings, leading to leaks. Even if leaks weren’t present initially, prolonged blockages that remain unfixed could cause serious plumbing problems, and pipe joints and weakened areas are particularly vulnerable to this.

Strange Noises In The Walls And Near Drains

Gurgling and clattering noises close to drains and within walls can also indicate blockages. These noises come from either the pipes getting strained or from water struggling to pass through the pipe. However, you can avoid all these problems by hiring professional plumbers via for burst pipe repair.

These plumbing problems can also be a hassle to deal with. Imagine having a peaceful night only to be disturbed by creepy sounds from within the walls. Being in that situation is not at all pleasant!

Frozen pipes

In cold areas, still, water inside pipes could freeze much faster than moving water does. This causes any still water to turn into a solid block of ice within the pipe system, further preventing water movement and causing even more plumbing problems. Not to worry too much, though, your local registered plumber can fix it.


There are times when powdery or scaly residue can become visible close to where drains flow. These residues can be a sign that the water has high mineral content that can also clog the drains. So, have the pipes checked for blockages caused by residues if there’s cause for concern.