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A Brief Overview on Raised Access Floor System

Raised access flooring system is the foundation for a wide range of modern installation work including offices, data centers, call centers, retail space, command centers and even educational facilities such as classrooms and libraries. 

One of the biggest trends is a low profile cable management system that allows for simple and effective cable laying without the need for trenching or overhead cabling.

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Raised Access Flooring Service – Raised floor suppliers in dubai, UAE

The two main types of raised access floor system are standard access floor systems and low profile ones. Their weaknesses including rigidity and difficulty in providing access to them should only be used when the need to justify their use. 

Low profile raised floor system, by its very definition they are low in height and can be as less as 750 mm and serves the purpose of helping with cable management. They have lightweight panels that are usually made of metal sheet, easy to lift.

A raised access floor system consists of a structured panel placed on a stable, elevated pedestal system. This creates a plenary where the cable is laid to distribute the service. 

It’s always a good idea to choose a supplier with experience in installing these systems for various applications such as general office areas, computer rooms, banking.