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A Few Insights for the Novice Scrum Master

Scrum, an agile software development strategy – is becoming more popular in corporate sectors. However, some people may not be familiar with this concept.

There are three main roles that have priority, and they are the Scrum Master and the Product Owner (Development Team). This article aims to explain the responsibilities and duties of the Scrum Master, Development Team, and Product Owner. You can also search for online Safe training through various websites. 

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As the title implies, the master is the ultimate figure responsible for ensuring that Scrum is conducted in the most productive and constructive manner. However, this does not mean that the master is responsible for all decisions related to the project. 

His primary responsibility is to ensure that the scrum strategy runs smoothly and that there is a healthy work environment. The job requires him to facilitate meetings, remove obstacles that could hinder the work process, and establish communication between the Product Owner and Development Team.

The Scrum Master's essential role is often called a servant-leader function. This means that the Scrum Master leads the team and serves their best interests.

This role can be compared to the one of a coach. Although he may not be a professional player, he has a vast knowledge of how the sport is played. The coach is familiar with the rules and the different game strategies. If he has been with the team for a long time, he also knows the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

The scrum master can also help plan the work process, but it is the Development Team that makes the final decision about what should be done.