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A Glimpse of Diversified Indian Cuisine

India is known for its diverse food culture, wide range of cuisines and varied cooking techniques. No holiday of a foreign tourist is complete without tasting exotic dishes from India. India is a land of many different cultures that establishes unity in diversity. This is also the reason why Indian cuisine is inspired by many cultures and regions.

Today, eating out has become an important way of life for Indians. Above all, it is considered a way to socialize with other people in relationships and community. There are many Indian restaurants that offer delightful Indian cuisine. You can visit to enjoy traditional Indian dishes.  

If you taste Indian cuisines for the first time, we have tried to familiarize you with some of the typical cuisines of India.

Punjabi cuisine

Punjabi restaurants offer exotic cuisine from the state of Punjab. Punjabi food is generally appreciated by all communities in India; especially foreigners enjoy mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian Punjabi-based dishes prepared with generalized use of desi ghee, butter and cream.

Bengali cuisine

Bengali restaurants are known for their subtle flavors. It is the only Indian cuisine to have adopted a strict diet similar to that of French cuisine to Russian. Bengali cuisine is very popular for a variety of rice dishes and freshwater fish delights. Bengali restaurants in Kolkata are famous for their delicious curries, fish dishes, chicken dishes, legumes, fries, cooked dishes, Bengali delicacies and snacks.

Gujrati cuisine

An essentially vegetarian cuisine, in a typical dish of Guajarati cuisine, you will find Roti, Pulse or kadhi, rice, sabzi / shaak and papad. Sabzi is a dish created with different combinations of vegetables and spices.