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A Guide To Bengal Cat

These extremely intelligent large breed cats are full of life and constantly eager to play. However, their mischievous nature does not make them suitable for every household; They are best for active households with lots of space. You can also look for the best Bengal kittens in the UK through various online sources.

This adventurous breed loves water and heights and needs a lot of stimulation to keep them busy, but in return, a talkative and loving breed will provide you with a lifetime of fun and fidelity. Bengal is known for its endless supply of energy.

Even as adults, they may want constant free time to play with people or other pets. Without enough time to play, they may seek entertainment in other ways, such as entering into food or cupboards. 

Bengal cat appearance

Athletic, agile, and graceful are the best ways to describe Bengal. The "wildest" domestic cat breed with a strong muscular body and luxurious skin like a leopard. The breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including the Brown Tabby, Mink Seal Tabby, Black Silver Tabby, and Silver Silver Rice Blade. Feathers can be seen randomly or in a horizontal pattern.

Funny facts about Bengal cats

Initially, the Bengal cat was called "leopard" but the name was later changed to Bengal in honor of the leopard cat's scientific name, Prionailurus bengalensis.