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A Guide To Quickly Pitching Military Surplus Tent

Military surplus tents are durable, water and weather-resistant tents used by people in many different ways or purposes around the world. But the majority of folks do not know how to pitch the tent. In this guide, you will get to know the right way to quickly pitch military tents.


If you are staying on-site for just 1 night and the weather is good, then, to be honest, does not matter too much where you opt to pitch and it is not the end of the world in case it goes wrong. If you are staying for a longer duration, such as one to two weeks, then it's extremely important to think clearly about where your tent is to be pitched, rather than finding the closest location.

Some camps frequently have restrictions on where you can camp. When you reserve the website, it is worth one to inquire whether there is any limitation on the pitch. This may indicate you have put yourself in the best position as the steward can book a pitch for your exact needs, meaning that if you see that website you'll end up with no stress or worry. 

If people are camping close to you, then it is worth considering if they are going to cause you a headache. For instance, you don't want to camp beside a huge group who frequently attend music and parties. I

f you're in a rural location with no tap, consider whether there is a river or water stream nearby. Rivers and streams attract a lot of insects, particularly in high season, so try and keep a distance, otherwise, you can wake up to the pieces bitten by mosquitoes.

If there are trees nearby they can be practical for windbreak and to tie up things, but do not camp right beneath trees where trees dry up once potential, therefore it will not be so excellent. Notably, however trees attract light.