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Advanced Custom Enclosure Design For Batteries

Customers are often unaware of the legal requirements for batteries, which can lead to complications in the manufacture of plastic cases. Understanding some of the elements of advanced custom enclosure design and management will help to avoid complications in the production process. After all, the most important aspect is that the case can hold the battery itself. It also has to pass rigorous tests – especially when it comes to transportation safety certificates.

Sealed Lead Acid Replacements

One of the first steps after a customer has contacted the manufacturer is in determining the level of design the customer wants and whether the design is full or partial. The complete design will allow the manufacturer to have extensive knowledge of this project from the start. CAD file creation, progressive meeting schedule, approval phase, and production volume are determined based on requirements and full or partial design depth. Production volume determines the level of tools required.

Instrumentation can increase costs and/or extend the project completion time. It is always meant to finish a design for the first time because of the time, cost, and tools involved. The most important thing is compliance with the requirements of the transportation certification, as well as the appearance and feel of the client for the design.

Complete customization from the plastic battery housing is possible to the plastic grade itself. It is important to understand in what environment the application will be used and whether it will be used in extreme or mild conditions. The plastic grade must be selected according to the appropriate environment.