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Advantages of Keyless Remote Over Keys

The Power Steering Controller certainly has an edge over regular keys. Every person would certainly go beyond the way to protect his or her car.

These locks banish the need for keys and rely on electronic release of locks. These include locks that are released by use of codes, scanning to identify fingerprints of those who should have access granted and others the use of remote controls. You can buy these keyless remotes from

Apart from ensuring security, they also allow one to grant or deny access as they wish without having a guard or other person be physically present to do this. 

This is especially advantageous for an office setting, especially those that usually have large amounts of cash there like banks or sensitive items like a hospital where there are drugs and sensitive areas like laboratories where access needs to be restricted.

Another advantage of electronic door locks is that they can save a situation in cases where there is clear and present danger. 

One quickly get into the house or office building for example by pressing a remote control, using their finger print or putting a code and get away from an intruder which might not have been possible if one had to first dig out a set of keys, choose the right one, open a door and get in and away from danger.