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Advantages of Using Stair Handrails

Whether you’re climbing stairs, enjoying the beautiful view from outdoors, or walking down a path, you probably want to cling to the railing, right? This is a standard safety feature that you usually see not only on stairs but also on railings on the ground floor and upper floors of a house or building, including balconies.

Railings make going up and down stairs more reliable and comfortable. You may have noticed that most of the time your hands are looking for something to hold when going up or down a new flight of stairs. Here the rail fulfills its main purpose. If you want to consult a stair handrail supplier, then visit

But even if there are railings to keep people safe, not everyone who uses the stairs will use them. The use of rails is somewhat related to the age and layout of the stairs, as noted in the Five Star Stairs Study. According to this, only 16 to 18 percent of people descending had used the rail extensively, while only 10 percent had used it while ascending. Also, people are less likely to use it if it makes them take the longer route.

Many people have been told that fences have been put in place to prevent accidents. Specifically, it is said to prevent loss of balance, help regain balance in the event of a slip or fall, help someone climb stairs, guide someone, and provide stability, especially for those with impaired vision and balance.

But now, of course, this safety device also adorns stairs or other railings. Wherever it is placed – on a wall or on a concrete staircase, the railing must be properly installed.