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All About Art Of Reiki

Reiki combines elements of many alternative healing techniques; including auras, spiritual healing, meditation, and many more.

We all have what is known as life force energy within us and when our life force energy is low, that promotes negativity, stress, and allows diseases and injuries to occur. Therefore, through the use of Reiki Healing, we are able to restore our life force energy. You can also get more info about third eye chakra stones for health benefits.

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There are two distinct types of modern Reiki Therapy, one involves the therapist touching the patient and the other requires the therapist to hover his hands above the patient. A typical Reiki Healing session begins with the patient laying on a soft, flat surface such as a couch or massage table.

After a few moments of relaxation and meditation, the practitioner then proceeds to position his hands a few centimeters above the patient. The practitioner's hands remain still for a few minutes and then he changes position.

The practitioner places his hands where he believes that particular patient's life force energy is low. Reiki is useful in treating all types of illness's including burns, cuts, diseases, mental disorders, reducing stress, and is even used to treat serious illnesses.

Elements of Reiki Therapy are also used during meditation, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy. Though it is debated whether Reiki is scientifically effective at healing, the millions of followers and thousands of people who have relied on its techniques for hundreds of years cannot be ignored.