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All You Need to Know About Olive Oil

As more and more people start making a better effort at cooking healthy food than before, olive oil has come to the forefront as a healthy cooking medium.

Filled with the goodness of monosaturated fats and antioxidants to keep many diseases at bay, it is one of the healthiest cooking mediums you will be able to find. If you are interested in introducing this oil to your kitchen, then knowing more about the health benefits of olive oil can be a good idea.

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When you are trying to eat healthily, no one can be a better choice than a salad. In the months of summer, rustling up a gourmet salad is not really difficult as long as you have fresh ingredients on hand.

Whipping for some summer salads or you can just take your favorite fresh vegetables and fruits, cut into bite-sized pieces and bring it all together with the help of olive oil dressing made with lemon juice and salt. It is easy and one of your recipes olive oil will continue to come back.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of olive oil is to use them in dips and spreads. One of the most basic breakfasts in the world is a fried egg in some way or another. If you have been using white refined butter or oil to make eggs for the whole family for a protein-rich breakfast in the morning, why not replace them for olive oil?

It would make a far more nutritious breakfast and your family will enjoy flavorful changes. the benefits of olive oil are more pronounced when cooked in as little as possible, and the eggs are something that can happen in literally a few minutes. It is certainly a great way to start the day.