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All You Need To Know About Theme Parties

A 1960s-themed party, for example, isn't complete without tie-dyes and colored items make for the ideal party service. Or an '80s-themed party can go neon and all things shine, with lots of dark party space and glow sticks for decoration, and then party favors later.

For older kids with spring birthdays, a trip to the entertainment center may seem too young until they figure out how to make the experience older. With the option of a reserved table in the dining room versus a private room, more tokens, and more access to all the attractions. 

You can get more details about picnic-themed celebration ideas at various online sources.

Teens have the freedom to enjoy the park with friends and maybe even meet some new people at a party. For family sports enthusiasts, take advantage of the park's attractions, whether it's laser tagging, rock climbing, miniature golf, or a paddle barn to host a sports party. 

There are many ways to plan and coordinate daily activities, decorations, and meals to match the focus and theme of the party. This can be coordinated with a central group package or done independently.

It's not uncommon for amusement parks to have party packages ranging from general to themed to kid and corporate-friendly. Check the website and ask the staff if you have any questions. 

Again, many have a party planning team to plan and coordinate the big day. Services can range from early calling and event bookings to being on call every day to provide a spring birthday celebration like no other.