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An Expert Guide To Diabetic Foot Care And Treatment In Towson

When diabetes is not controlled, it can lead to serious consequences. Foot problems are one of the symptoms commonly developed by diabetes which become serious very quickly. Unless problems are detected early and treated early, they can cause serious complications from heel pain to nerve damage.

Although treatments for diabetic foot care have greatly improved, preventing problems before they occur is the best option. Therefore, it is important for people with diabetes to know about procedures of diabetes foot care. To get more information about diabetes foot care help, visit

Make it a routine to check your feet every day. Inspect cut, swelling, redness, blistering, or any kind of problem nails. If necessary, use a mirror to check both feet. If you find a problem, follow the procedure for adequate treatment. But do not try to handle big problems like calluses or ingrown toenails. Rather, meet your doctor in Towson immediately.

Keep your feet clean. Wash your feet with warm water (make sure the water is not too hot enough to cause burns). Using soap and water is recommended but after consulting your doctor in Towson. While the footbath uses only soft cloth or sponge to wipe gently. Even as the feet are properly dried or drying pat dry. Be sure to dry between your toes for complete diabetic foot care.

Dry skin on your feet tends to crack or itching. So do not forget to use a good quality moisturizer after patting dry feet. Do not apply moisturizer between your toes, it can cause fungal infections. However, if you have to choose a moisturizer that has anti-bacterial elements that will have a better effect. It is best to use a lotion recommended by your doctor in Towson.