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An Overview of the Foundation Brush

The makeup foundation is the most important part of makeup. If you don't get this part of the makeup correctly, the further layers won't look good. Even though you can use everything from your finger to a sponge to put it on a foundation, the most common way of the foundation is through a foundation brush.

Before applying foundation, you want to make sure that your skin is clean and whether you have used a moisturizer on your face. If you are seeking an oval foundation brush then you can explore

After you do these things, you can begin to apply the foundation. Generally, you want to move the foundation brush to your nose, to your cheek, to your chin, and to your forehead. Once you feel that the foundation has covered all the defects, wrinkles, and/or discoloration, you should tidy it up using the same brush, sponge or finger.

Pro Oval Brush Set-Tools-Flawless Fleur

You want to smooth it out so no one will notice that you have a foundation in the first place. After you have finished applying the foundation, switch to applying the top layer.

In case you have any primer on your flip side, dab on your brush to the primer to get a smooth program. Scrub your concealer brush below your eyes and draw a streak together under your brows. Use your hands to tap on the concealer in your skin beneath your eyes and under your brows. Use what is left in your fingers to dab on grin lines or other shadowy areas of your face.