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Animate Your Backyard With The Fascinating Slate Paving

Animate your backyard with the fascinating slate paving techniques. This technique is usually preferred to enrich the beauty of the exterior which has become much liked and popular because of its exquisiteness and durability. Slate paving is considered as a pleasant exterior decoration for decades. It is easy to cut and fit on the ground according to the desired size and configuration.

Because of its simplicity to cleave and work it has become a popular choice for household decoration. A wide range of slate types is available which vary in quality, color, texture, thickness, width, and stiffness. Welsh slate is a type of slate well known for its superb quality.

Welsh slate has fine-grained texture and rich distinctive coloring chiefly the blue-greys, dark blues, and Penrhyn Purple, also known as ‘Heather’ or ‘Plum’. Such colors are usually blended with a wide range of formats, for example: riven, sawn, to produce a stimulating selection of slate paving that is sure to augment the beauty of the yard or pavements.

Slate paving is considered as a low-cost surface dressing or a good ‘alternative’ to sub-base material which has great local demand. Because of its beauty and longevity, some of the renowned civil engineering and construction companies are exporting huge quantities of this ‘waste’ to construct roads and rail projects. But for the past few years, slate paving has earned a reputation as a decor material that enhances the beauty of the garden and landscape of the house.