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Are Granite and Marble Exactly the Same Counter Top?

Granite as well as marble are in reality completely different countertops. Let’s go through a few of the most important disparities together. Once a person finishes the seventh section you’ll have a much better understanding about what the biggest distinctions between granite vs marble.

Granite is a very rigid and sturdy countertop. Marble isn’t. With a granite countertop, you can cut, dice, and also slice fruits or veggies and not use a cutting plank. You’ll wear out your current knives before you inflict harm to a granite counter.

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granite and marble countertops

Absolutely no such luck having a marble countertop. Do not even think of holding a knife into a marble countertop without a cutting block.

You’ll ruin the top nearly instantaneously. Marble scratches and chips quickly. It’s really a sedimentary stone and sedimentary stones are manufactured by mother nature simply by sticking smaller rock together.

When you compare granite vs marble you have to consider heat tolerance. The bottom line is that granite can easily stand up to much more heat compared to marble. this significant you may ask.

Consider just how handy it might be to possess a countertop that can tolerate intense quantities of temperature. It would be great to take a sizzling broiling pan immediately out of the cooker and put it up on the countertop and not having to strategically put a few cookware holders over the countertop.

No problem using granite countertops! It can be done all day every day. Should you try this strategy along with marble counters you will wreck them instantly.

There is no excellent repair for high-temperature injury to a marble countertop either. When they are scorched they may be ruined whilst your extremely expensive marble counter is destroyed and may only be fixed simply by changing it.