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Asbestos in Gas Masks

We all know the benefits that prop may bring to the teacher in history lessons to help students with learning because they can physically see and feel the items themselves to gain a better understanding of what the teacher is explaining. But when the subject of World War II could be potentially dangerous subject for students and teachers, especially if the items from the period of World War II Mask. You can find gas masks online. 

Why World War II Gas Mask dangerous?

World War II gas mask potentially harmful because they can contain and release asbestos fibers. They also can be contaminated with harmful chemicals from previous use in the practice of gas. In addition several post-war gas mask can release asbestos fibers and can be contaminated.

Tests have shown that asbestos fibers can be inhaled by wearing a gas mask. Asbestos fibers can also be released from the handle masks, filters or carrying bags online.

So why the use of asbestos in a gas mask?

After the widespread use of poisonous gas in the Great War, it is expected that gas will also be a major factor in World War II so that civilians and military personnel supplied with gas masks.