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Augmented Reality – Useful Things To Know

Basically, augmented reality can be considered as a type of modern virtual reality. When there is a simulation of the physical aspects of the real world with imaginary thinking using touch, vision and sound creating a computer-generated 3D arrangement, it is known as the virtual world. 

Imagine that you are in a store and see products using a 3D system on a computer screen where you can direct any product and move it around every corner. This is indeed an amazing experience! This is the latest technology that governs the world of marketing, and since the last four years, has been named Augmented Reality. 

At present, AR is not only limited to being a promotional tool, because it is now creating brands and building customer relationships. Almost every company has started using AR as the main tool to introduce products/services on the market and to create their own brand image.

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Because of the lack of academic literature and research studies in the field of Augmented Reality marketing, this article will begin by emphasizing a little research as well as a small number of research papers related to the experimental marketing that create the basis and elements of this research study. 

Economists hypothesize that the modern world links itself strongly to the elements of the "experience economy", which means that customers are more inclined towards experimental consumption. In this type of behavior, customers usually regard functional utilities as irrelevant aspects. This is the stage where experience marketing takes effect and treats consumption as a kind of holistic experience and recognizes the rational and emotional drivers of consumption.

The importance of marketing experience is seen as a method of building value for end consumers, which in turn will provide additional benefits for the company, especially in the future. You can visit to know more aspects of augmented reality marketing. 

In addition, this will also encourage consumers to make purchasing decisions that are faster and more optimistic. However, even though the orientation of new advertisements is widely agreed to symbolize the future of marketing, it is still not fully understood. And, for this reason, a variety of research techniques are needed to understand consumers in a better way.