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Automation Is Changing The Cannabis Industry

The automation system for cannabis growing is increasingly common. Ideally, the greenhouse automation for indoor grow cannabis facilities are preferred by farmers that can monitor and manage lighting, watering, nutrient supply, pumping carbon dioxide, and temperature, with the adaptability to adjust instantly.

However, being active may not be enough. The cannabis can grow automatically, it is possible due to the technics known as hydroponics and aeroponics, they both add up to the advantages for greenhouse efficiency.

Cannabis plants are grown in the misty-conditioned environment in which they can be regularly washed nutrients and stayed warm and moist enough to grow.

Aeroponics and hydroponics can be used to produce larger, healthier plants with lower input of energy and resources. In the future, they can almost replace conventional glasshouse entirely. What is important about these two technologies is that they are almost identical to the automation.

Only when the input and their surroundings are accurately controlled they can produce maximum efficiency, which is not possible without the customized automation systems, they can keep track of everything that happens in the facility or grow pod in real-time.

Harvesting machines were bound to work with Cannabis. An automatic control system is built into the cannabis crop to specifically ensures a consistent, high-speed and damage-free performance.