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Beginner Safety Tips for Rafting in Fiji


Fiji is comprised of so many wonderful things. From rich-tiny islands to pristine beaches, Fiji has everything for all tourists. Being rich in islands, rafting is one of the best activities you must at least give a go during your time in Fiji. You don’t need to be super-expert in doing this activity as even beginners can do it. Here are a few beginner’s tips for this wonderful activity in Fiji.

  1. Wear a Life Jacket at all Times – Life jackets come in various types consisting of different clips and buckles. When you go out for looking for a life jacket, make sure it is the perfect size that fits you. If you want to avoid buying one, then Fiji has many shops that provide life jackets on rental basis.
  2. Do Not Avoid the Helmet – While rafting there are chances of high currents due to unexpected weather. This is why you must always wear a helmet at all times to avoid any form of serious injury to yourself.
  3. Always wear the correct Outfit – Wearing wrong outfit during rafting will make it uncomfortable for you to enjoy this amazing activity. Wear an outfit that keeps you dry at all times.
  4. Learn the Basics and do not Panic – If this is your first time, then there are lessons you can learn either on the internet or from an instructor. Once you start paddling, do not panic as you will slowly get the hang of it.
  5. Carry a Sunscreen – Being a water-sport activity, Fiji’s tropical weather may still cause sunburns afterwards. Keeps a sunscreen consisting of SPF15 plus with you at all times that will keep your skin fresh all the time.

Fiji island resorts all-inclusive will include this activity during your time of booking.