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Benefits of Waffle Plates For Building Procedure

Waffle slabs are constructed on site by pouring concrete onto the construction site or construction site with suitable arrangements. The panels are inserted into the prefabricated waffle pod slabs, connected by suitable reinforcement and the concrete is filled. Waffle pod slabs are nowadays used by building contractors for constructing the buildings.

1. Wafer sheets are used for large slabs or floors when there is a limited need for a few pillars.

2. The load-bearing capacity of wafer plates is higher than other types of plates.

3. They offer good aesthetic appearance and structural stability.

4. Thanks to two-way reinforcement, it has good vibration damping.

5. These slabs are lighter and require less concrete, making them economical.

6. Construction of these panels is quick and easy with good supervision.

7. Many services such as lighting, plumbing, electrical wiring, air conditioning, and insulating materials can be provided by providing holes in the bottom surface of the wafer to the depth of the wafer plate. This process is known as the whole deck.

Prefabricated waffle plates are more expensive than the other methods. In this case, reinforcement is provided in the plates during casting with a certain stress. Therefore, they do not require internal reinforcement on site. So, waffle slabs are the best to choose for construction.