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Best Food Activities to Experience in Japan


Japanese food is different and unique compared to other countries. This is because of the complicated chopping skills and cooking techniques involved in Japanese cuisine. However, it is fun when it comes to trying to experience a few activities with Japanese food. Although, vegans will find it hard but there is nothing harm in at least trying out for the first time. These are some of the best food activities you should do in Japan.

  1. Try Eating Okonomiyaki – This is a popular Japanese dish that is similar to the pancakes found in western countries. The Okonomiyaki is a delicacy made out of eggs, flour and stuffed cabbage. You are bound to find Okonomiyaki everywhere in Japan which is not only delicious but also very cheap to afford.
  2. Eat Ramen from a Vending Machine – Although, China is where ramen is eaten on a daily basis however, Japan’s version is more delicious. Ramen can be eaten at local cafes and restaurants. Moreover, locals also go to grocery stores to keep it stocked at their homes. In order to have fun food experience, try ordering one from a vending machine. Not only is it cheap, but it is also quick and delicious.
  3. Cook Takoyaki in your own Style – Locals living in Osaka love takoyaki. This is also a popular street food which is easy to cook. For cooking, you will need a batter stuffed with octopus and then deep fry for just a few minutes. Try it out, it really is delicious.

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