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Black Truffle Salt Recipes and Its Health Benefits

Black truffles are one of those unique confections that can only be found in New Zealand. If you are ever fortunate enough to own these succulent gems then you know just how addictive they are. The question is though, can you use them elsewhere? There are many uses for this heavenly delight and there are just so many things you can do with them.

Most people love truffles for their delicious flavor but they also have a reputation for being extravagant. What is it about truffles that make people think of riches and fancy foods? It's actually quite simple. Truffles are an underground mushroom that grows in France and Italy. The roots of these mushrooms contain a substance called carotene which gives them their dark color. Truffles are rich in Vitamin A, B2, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium and have been said to improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

There is a long way to go to taste the real flavor of this heavenly treat. As mentioned, black truffles are known for their excellent taste and flavor, but if you don't have them on hand, don't worry because making your own salt takes just a few minutes and is well worth it in the end. For those who aren't as up on the latest trends in cooking or baking, salt isn't that hard to come by and there are plenty of recipes available on the internet for you to try.

Although you won't be able to find authentic Italian black truffle sea salt in your local grocery store, there are plenty of good recipes that you can easily adapt to your tastes. All you need is a food processor, a pinch of salt, and food-grade dark chocolate. Just break up the truffles in half with your food processor and blend away! You'll notice a difference in the texture and flavor from the powder form because the chocolate has more water in it, plus the seeds and smaller pieces of mold have been softened.

Italian sausage, sausages, prime rib, pepperoni, and even Italian eggplant are some of the dishes that can be made with truffles. Salads can also be sprinkled with black truffle salt. This great seasoning can be used on bread, vegetables, meat, fish, and even desserts such as ice cream cakes. There are several different methods of grilling and frying that lend themselves to using this fabulous seasoning. In fact, you could make a porter, a stew, a black bean soup, or even a grilled cheese that would not only be delicious but also be flavored by this wonderful little black powder.

In addition to using it on your favorite dishes, black truffle salt also makes an excellent addition to your cupboard. It adds an interesting level of color and flavor to your foods. A nice addition to your baking supplies is a truffle cookie-cutter, especially if you like cookies and candies. No matter what you prefer to bake, these cute cookie cutters will surely be a hit at your next cookout or just while you waiting for the weekend.

Another great use for black truffle salt is to season meats. Whether it's chicken, pork, beef, or seafood, the flavor will be spectacular. You can make a yummy and healthy meatloaf with Italian black truffles. Or perhaps you'd like to make candied pork chops or a tossed salad. With sea salt or your favorite seasoning of your choice, your meals will certainly be tasty and satisfying.

Did you know that black truffles are also wonderful on pasta? For instance, in addition to being savory, they also have a delicious crunch. Perfect for pasta salads, pasta frittatas, or even healthy spinach and mushroom omelet, the truffles are a healthy alternative to French fries. Because they retain their crunch and have a slightly salty taste, they are wonderful on pasta sauces as well. They can also be sprinkled over fish or chicken dishes to enhance the flavor. In sum, you can create some yummy dishes simply by using truffles!