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Business Card Alternatives That Build Business

Often, your business card is the only item left with a potential customer or business partner. After a conference, meeting, or showcasing your products, you can meet dozens of people and leave your business card with them. The design of the business card must be complex and complete.

This means that your logo, name, title, and address (including contact details such as phone, fax, e-mail, and website) must all be present.

When you're designing your business card, aim for an image and "feel" that best represents you and your company. If you are working in the financial sector then do not go for an attractive business card design as it can give a sense of slackness and insecurity to your customers. You can find a metal business card through



Customize business card design for your customers

It is not important that you like your business card – but it is very important that your business partners and customers like it. Of course, you should always aim to get a business card design that you get attached to, a fact that will give you even more confidence.

One useful trick is to print out a few dozen business cards and give them to potential prospects and conduct "on the spot" interviews about them. Collect their opinion and make the necessary changes to improve the design of your business card.

Business card printing

If a professional graphic design company has created your business card, you can rest assured that they have also followed all the necessary guidelines to make the business card printing process sound. This means that the business card designer has saved the files in a format suitable for print (such as TIF or EPS) and sometimes leaves a necessary bleed area for the printer.

Many advertising and manufacturing agencies offer business card printing, either with their printer or by using the services of a dedicated printer to do it. Often, a graphic design company will offer you a package for your card: both design and business card printing.