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Chicken Coop Kits – What Do You Know?

If you're looking to establish an outdoor chicken farm chicken kits for coops are a good option to begin if you aren't confident in making your structure from scratch. There are many kits on the market according to the size style, color, or design. So the idea of starting your chicken farm in your backyard is as simple as an egg-laying hen.

The majority of chicken coop kits includes all the wood that has been cut into specifications and all the necessary hardware and plans. Some kits will even include an art brush if the owner wants to paint his chicken coop to make it more appealing. 

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It is always recommended to thoroughly check the kit to make sure it's complete. If you find any missing components or the kit is damaged, make sure you return it. Be sure that the chicken coop kits purchased come with the best quality components, or else they will be able to fall and cause death to your chickens.

Choose a coop size that is suitable for your poultry. There are a variety of size coop kits in the marketplace. If you can keep a smaller number of chickens and don't intend to increase the coop, then a smaller coop will be suitable.

A standard coop of 4×4 can be able to accommodate 3-4 standard hens. However, if you have a big number of chickens, a bigger coop is needed to house all of them comfortably. Remember, each adult chicken needs 4 square feet of free space, thus a 4×4 coop provides 16 square feet of space for 4 chickens.