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Child Acting Career Tips

Some of the best actors in the business began as child actors. A child actor is a child who acts in stage plays, television, or cinema. Child actors take on the role of young characters.

How can you boost your child's acting career? Here are a few tips you can use to help them succeed in pursuing their dream of acting.

Sign them up for a good kids' acting class

If your child is six years old or older, this is the first step you should take before even thinking about an agency or image in your mind. Child actors don't need much training and "acting techniques". You can find the best child casting calls online.

child casting calls

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What they need is to build the confidence to be themselves when they act. Being around other child actors and knowing what to expect when they audition for kids will help them land their first acting job.

Get them a good kid headshot

Headshots are very important for any actor because the headshot is the first thing casting directors see when they watch an actor's performance.

Photographs of children's heads are becoming more important, as children often don't have much experience on their CVs, so in most cases casting directors just need to go through their photos.

The natural one looks like your child and shows his personality. You don't even have to spend money on a photographer when your child is just starting his childhood acting career. A good photo taken by yourself is enough to get you started.