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Chiropractor Neck Pain Treatments

When visiting a chiropractor, neck pain can be a major cause. Neck and back pain is the most popular reason most people seek chiropractic care. If you have neck pain as a result of an injury, your doctor may recommend starting physical therapy with a chiropractor to build strength in your neck and back.

For a chiropractor, neck pain indicates that something is out of alignment in the spinal area. There are several treatments offered by chiropractors. Neck pain is usually caused by something in the spine that is misaligned. You can also click at the following link to consult a chiropractor for neck pain:

Neck Pain – Chiropractors Madison WI

Chiropractors can use soft tissue manipulation and specially targeted spinal adjustments to rebalance the spine and relieve various types of neck pain.

Your chiropractor may find that the problem is in your lower or middle back, and not at all near your neck, even though you feel pain there.

Once the cause of the problem is diagnosed, the chiropractor will decide which technique is best for pain relief. There are many options when the problem is with spinal alignment: specific manipulation of the spine, loss of flexion, or manipulation with the aid of tools.

Specific manipulation of the spine uses pressure techniques to bring the spine back into position. Flexion dissipation is performed using a special table to help the chiropractor relieve the spine without applying sharp pressure to the back.

Instrument-assisted manipulation is exactly what it sounds like – the chiropractor uses a small instrument that can bring the spine in line without any sharp pressure techniques.

During physiotherapy in chiropractic, you are likely to experience more stretching and strength training, as well as less direct spinal manipulation. Chiropractors can perform therapeutic massage or joint stretching and resistance therapy.

When you are recovering from a back or neck injury, chiropractic physical therapy can help you restore the normal range of motion. Patients tend to experience pain relief for years following good chiropractic physical therapy.