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Choose A Vent Hood That Is Both Functional And Stylish

Vent hoods with exhaust around the cooktop could be the most practical and appealing aspect of cooking design. There are many kinds of possibilities for vent or range hood styles and you can customize the look to match any décor. 

If you're conducting a kitchen remodel project, you'll need to decide if you'd like the vent hood to blend into the decor or be distinctive as its unique layout element. Below are some of the factors to consider when selecting the best vent hood.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Vent Hood - This Old House

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You'll want the dimensions of your vent to correspond to the size of the cooking surface. If you have an extremely large cooktop, you'll require an equally large hood, and therefore less likely to be able to cover. If your cooktop is an average measurement, you can be able to manage it with a smaller hood. The latest technology makes it possible to make them sleek and slim while working just as well as the older models.

More than Islands

If your cooktop is situated on an island in your kitchen it is a must to meet certain design requirements. A vent hood that's also low may effectively divide the space in two, and hinder visibility from one end to the other. If you're planning to do an overhaul of your kitchen make sure your vent hood's height is enough to let in air, yet sufficient enough to not cause obstructions.

Stainless Metal: 

A traditional option for vent hoods, stainless steel will give your kitchen a modern appearance. Incorporating curves or shades into the steel will create an entirely new look that allows it to blend with the rest of the kitchen.