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Choosing The Best False Eyelash Glue

For people who use false eyelashes often, this type of glue is very important to carry off the look with falsies. Eyelash glue is also sometimes referred to as an adhesive or lash extensions glue.

It is basically used to attach false eyelashes for your skin just above your real lashes. Therefore, choosing the best false eyelashes glue is an important step in the overall process of makeup application.

First, you will want to decide what type of false eyelashes you will use, whether it is the entire strip or individual eyelashes (who need eyelash extensions glue) the two types will have their pros and cons to them, and ultimately, it all depends on what kind of look you want to portray.

Having decided on the type of your lashes, you can proceed to choose the color of glue you want. There are basically two types of eyelash glue, transparent and black. Less clear transparent when dry and give a lighter effect.

Lashes you may actually look more natural and real. However, you can also opt for black adhesive lashes if you want to achieve a more dramatic look. Eyelash glue will remain black as a black eye shadow when dry, so that could be an added advantage.

However, time is very important when using black glue, easy to stain, and screw up if you try to put it on before they become really sticky at the right time. Black glue goes very well with darker colored lashes such as brown or black.