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Clean your Indoor Plant at Home by Following these Tips

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A little amount of water and light is enough for an indoor plant to survive and grow. Along with water and light, indoor plants also need to be cleaned once in a while. For example; the formation of pores takes place on the surface of the plant if not cleaned. Due to the formation of the pores, breathing, producing food and other basic functions get hampered. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your indoor plant. If you happen to have invested in a few indoor plants, then follow these cleaning tips.

  1. Learn the Type of Plant – For an indoor plant to clean, you need to understand the type first. Every type of indoor plant is different to one another. Therefore, ensure you first understand the type of your indoor plant before you start cleaning directly.
  2. Use Simple Cosmetic Products – When you begin cleaning your indoor plant, the first thing to do is use simple cosmetic products. For instance; to clean the leaves of an indoor plant, you can use a feather duster. If you cannot get your hands-on a feather duster, then you have the option of using something like a toothbrush of a child.
  3. Use Simple but not Stupid Products – There have been cases where homeowners have used stupid products such as milk and oil to clean their indoor plants. This is a bad idea as such products will only lead to more formation of spores. A great alternative is to use non-detergent soap.

Office plant hire will help you learn more cleaning tips.