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Convert Your Roku into the Streaming Radio

We all know Roku is great from Streaming our favorite TV shows and movies, but few people know that it also makes a great internet radio. With the addition of only a few channels on the Roku channel store, you can stream thousands of radio stations from around the world on your TV or audio system.

I have my Roku plugged into a surround sound system and audio quality is outstanding! Here is our favorite Roku channel that lets you listen to the world. You can create your own roku channel with the help of online resources.

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Tune-In: These channels come from, a website that provides links to thousands of radio stations around the world streamed on the internet. Radio Time is very good if you miss your favorite talk radio show on a local station.

Just search for it on the radio time and more than likely, it was at the other stations play somewhere else in a different time slot. If it was streamed on the internet, Radio Time has it!

Shout cast: This popular audio streaming websites now have a Roku channel! You will never know what you'll find here. Unlike Tune-In that limits itself to real terrestrial radio stations, Shoutcast give anyone with a computer and a microphone ability to broadcast whatever they want through the Internet. Thus, you will find a few gems, along with some real stinkers on this channel. But that's what makes it so fun!