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Decide On Whether to Choose Separated or Joined Capsule

Capsules are also available as separate or linked capsules. Regardless of your focus, buying the best type of capsule filling machine will help you get the desired results. Well, for your information, separate capsules are mainly made by manual capsule filling machines, while combined capsules are a product of semi-automatic and automatic filling machines.

Encapsulator of your choice

Now that we know what it's like to choose the best capsule filling machine for your production needs, it's time to choose from our wide variety of capsule filling machines. You can also get used equipment online.

Before you move on to choosing a capsule filling machine, here are some working principles that connect each type of capsule.

  • Correction shows a poorly formed gelatin capsule.
  • Separation of the capsule capsule from the body.
  • Formulation and dosage of fillers.
  • Attach the cap to the body.
  • Disposal or removal of the filled capsule.

Types of capsule filling machines

There are generally three types of capsule filling machines. As previously mentioned, factors such as production speed and the type of capsule being manufactured can help you determine which type of capsule filling machine is best for your production needs.

Hand operated / manual capsule filling machine

As the name implies, this type of capsule filling machine is easy to use and relatively inexpensive with a relatively fast capsule filling capacity. Manual / manual capsule filling machines are especially useful for experimental drug design and homemade capsule manufacturing as they can only provide filling of small to medium sized capsules.