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Differences Between An Oenologist And A Sommelier

What are the distinctions between an oenologist and a Sommelier? These terms offer a wealth of knowledge in the field of wine. However, when you ask the people of the streets, many do not know how to differentiate between them. You  can find the sommelier wine courses to make your career in wine industry as a wine professional.

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The differences between an oenologist an sommelier

The winemaker

It is accountable for the entire process of making wine, from the time the grapes are picked into the process, up to the point that the final wine is packaged.

The oenologist typically works in the making of wine, and is in direct contact with the winery which produces it as well as those who tend the grapes. It is responsible for the grape through all stages of production. 

The Sommelier

It is a service for the ultimate consumer of the wine . This means that his job begins after the wine has been bottled.

Usually, the sommelier chooses the wines of a restaurant, hotel or other establishment and then and then purchases the same, as well as its storage space and the conditions of its storage. In the end, they advise customers about the choice of the wine to try based on the food they have selected.

The thing that is not widely known is that the Sommelier does not only advise on wine but also chooses the liquors, beers and cigars available to clients.