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Different Types Of Air Conditioners Available On The Market

There are mainly 4 types of air conditioners: central system, wall mounted air conditioner, window air conditioner, and portable air conditioner.

The central air conditioner is considered permanent or fixed. These systems are really the most efficient in terms of air conditioning and heating. It requires the installation of ventilation ducts by professionals; either through the basement or through the attic. This system consists mainly of a heat pump.

The wall-mounted air conditioner is one of the most installed systems and does not require any ventilation ducts. The heat pump module is installed outdoors and is connected to one or more wall modules by a duct containing the refrigeration liquid. A professional team including an electrician must install this system.

The window air conditioner is considered semi-mobile, or semi-stationary. It is surely the most affordable model. However, its performance in terms of energy-saving and efficiency does not compare to the systems mentioned above. These systems are noisy and take a lot of time to remove the heat because they are often installed halfway up the wall. To be effective, you should install this air conditioning system as high as possible. You can find the best unit by reading consumer reports of best window air conditioners.

The portable air conditioner is the only one that is considered mobile. This system is compared to the window system. It shares the same characteristics in terms of performance and energy saving. The only advantage is that you can move it from room to room and it can be put away when the cold season arrives. Wall-mounted and portable air conditioners should be considered for small rooms and are energy-intensive. For a condominium or a house, the buyer will consider installing a central system when possible or a wall-mounted air conditioner. They will also be considered in an energy-saving and energy efficiency program.