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Disaster Recovery Services: Questions to Ask of a Service Provider

With the increasing reliance on the availability of the system, the recovery of your core servers, applications and networks are fundamental in the event of a disaster. In fact, as organizations rely more and more on the 'anytime, anywhere' connectivity 'systems availability' has become synonymous with 'disaster recovery'.

According to industry analyst Gartner, "two out of five companies that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. Business continuity planning and disaster recovery services ensure continuity and survival. "

This article discusses the considerations when choosing a service provider to provide disaster recovery services – a partner on whom the survival of your business may depend. You can browse to know more about the Disaster Recovery Services.

Disaster Recovery Focus and Expertise

When reviewing your options for disaster recovery services, genealogy is very important potential provider. Here are some key questions to ask:

What is their core business? If sales of hardware or software, or the provision of Internet or telecommunications services, the availability of the system will be a secondary consideration – an 'add-on' to another service or product. 

How many specialist engineers will be available to assist you during the short window that you need to get your system up and running again?

In helping you develop a disaster recovery plan that is right, they are more concerned with selling you additional server or communications link, rather than formulating, multi-customer cost-effective solutions that fit your company's risk strategy?