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Essential Facts That You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

Most people are afraid of root canal treatment. However, this well-known therapy has been used successfully for many years. This is because it helps maintain natural teeth and plays an important role in oral hygiene.

It is an effective treatment for infections caused by the root of the jaw. Read on for important facts you need to know about root canal treatments in Alexandria VA.

root canal

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Save natural teeth

This therapy prevents the need for tooth extraction. Root canals usually remove infected tissue and nerves and also help maintain the structure of the teeth when the teeth snap into place.

In addition, the teeth are sealed from future dental infections. Patients do not need dentures such as dental implants and bridges because the infected teeth are treated.

Relieves toothache

Most people around the world are afraid of root canal procedures because they believe that it is a painful procedure. However, this is not always the case as your dentist will control the pain during the process. This is usually done using soothing techniques and anesthetics that numb the gums and teeth.

This ensures that pain is controlled and the patient is relaxed and comfortable. After root canal treatment, you will no longer feel pain in your teeth because your teeth are treated and disinfected.

Root canal procedure costs

The cost of this therapy varies depending on the affected tooth and the complexity of the dental problem. Root canal therapy tends to be less expensive than tooth extraction in the long term.