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Filing Talcum Powder Lawsuit For Ovarian Cancer

A woman filed a lawsuit early ovarian cancer against J & J Company in 2009. She declined an offer of $ 1.3 million for settlement and a confidentiality contract so that she can warn other women of the potential risks of talc.

The case was concluded in 2013 and led to an increase in litigation against Johnson & Johnson and other companies with a powder-based product.

In July 2018, a jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $ 4.69 billion in damages to 22 women who developed talc powder ovarian cancer after using their products.

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Currently, there are more than 9,000 cases in the court against Johnson & Johnson of the powder-based products such as Johnson's baby powder and shower-to-shower.

Manufacturers and retailers of consumer products must ensure that the goods they produce or sell suitable for consumer use.

A product such as a powder that can cause ovarian cancer should at least warn consumers of the possible dangers.

When the dangerous and defective products cause death or injury, there are three types of product liability claims that may be filed: claims of defective design claim, defective manufacturing, and failure-to-warn claims.

Lawsuits involving the use of powder may involve defective design or failure to warn. The lawsuit alleges that there is a design flaw in the design of the underlying defective products that cause injury, even if the product is manufactured by precise specifications.