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Find Energy-Efficient Lighting

LED lamps are an energy-efficient option for lighting. LED lamps are light-emitting dimmers (LEDs), which is a semiconductor that produces light by electroluminescence. They do not contain mercury and emit very little heat. 

They were originally used in commercial applications as replacements for neon and incandescent light signals. However, today they are widely used in lamps for homes and in many lighting fixtures for offices.

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The price of LED lamps has been a major obstacle to their popularity in offices and homes. It's more expensive than conventional incandescent bulbs (CFLs), compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), and other traditional illuminating devices. You'd find LED lamps more expensive initially, but they are much more energy-efficient and durable over the long term.

The device is claimed to cut your energy consumption by as much as 80%. CFLs are not able to turn them on as fast. This makes LED lamps perfect for lighting applications that are subject to the cycle of turning on and off often.

Additionally, LED lamps don't use glass tubes and provide stable support for the internal parts. They are not as susceptible to shattering as common bulbs.

Today's most popular LED fixture in lighting shops is the single LED recessed light. They are extremely versatile. You can choose from a fixed or a gimbal-ring design that allows you to tilt the light in any direction you like. They can be used in any room in your home or commercial establishments to provide lighting effects, ceiling lights, or bathroom lights.

Track lights were originally used in galleries to show artworks, and in reception areas to create mood lighting. They are now used in certain parts. You can also get them in LED versions.