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Find The Right Camping Tent

Personal preferences dictate the size of your camping tents. It is important to check the height specification before deciding since this will determine whether you can sit, kneel or stand inside your tent. If you need to stand in your tent it is best to purchase a tent at least 7' high. 

On the other hand, some people want to be close and cozy therefore will require a much smaller tent. There are many online and offline stores that sell camping tents. But military canopies are more rigid than other tents.

A-Frame tents are freestanding, lightweight, simple construction, and offer good ventilation. They are normally small and sleep two to three people, but floor space is poorly utilized. Dome tents are constructed from a tent pole frame and lightweight fabric. 

They are simple to erect and are freestanding, utilizing guy ropes to keep the tent in place. They have a large internal space. Tunnel tents use hoops arranged in series over which the fabric is stretched thereby creating a tunnel. 

They are the easiest style tent to pitch and offer the most internal space and height. They are one of the most robust and if staked correctly can be used in high winds and inclement weather thus making them most popular with hikers.