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Getting the Highest Scoring Scrabble Words

Most people enjoy playing Scrabble. This is a fun word game that will stimulate players to think and conceptualize and memorize words they haven't used in a long time. Although easy to play, the challenge for players is how to win at Scrabble. 

One way to do this is to get the highest scrabble words on the board. You can also find high-scoring scrabble words online.

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If you play any 7 letter word you will get an instant high Scrabble Word Score. This is because you instantly get 50 game points across all 7 tiles which are called Bingo. Some of the highest scores from 7-tile Scrabble are MUZJIKS (79 points), JUKEBOX (77 points), QUICKLY (75 points), and SQUEEZE (75 points). 

Another way to get a consistently high Scrabble score is to play parallel words if you can. This means you definitely need to know all your two-letter words. You will be surprised to find that the dictionary contains more than 100 two-letter words. 

However, keep in mind that if you continue to play parallel words, you can block parts of the board – your opponent may even give up because the board is no longer playable.

A third strategy that players like to use to get the highest word in Scrabble is to add letter tiles to words already played in the game and then add their own. An easy way to do this is to add an S at the end of the word on the board, then write your own word using that S.