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Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Many people like mushrooms because they taste good, without knowing that they offer many health benefits. Really! Mushrooms contain a variety of natural ingredients that protect you from various types of cancer and similar diseases.

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In fact, they contain various compounds such as beta-glucans which protect against this disease. Ergothionein, an antioxidant contained in mushrooms, also supports the immune system and protects various organs in the body such as the eyes, liver, skin, kidneys, and bone marrow.

Another study by the Beckman Research Institute in California found that they also help suppress breast and prostate cancer cells.

To take advantage of health benefits, you can add it to soups, sandwiches, and salads. You can also add it to vegetable-based stews and pots. In America, mushroom extract has recently been used in sports drinks. They contain about 80-90 percent water and are very low in calories, sodium and fat. No wonder mushrooms are the ideal food for those who want to lose weight.

Did you know that the potassium it contains prevents heart attacks and also controls blood pressure? People often use bananas when they think about adding potassium to their food. However, not many people are aware that they have a higher potassium content.

Mushrooms also contain natural mineral honey. Copper offers effective protection against various diseases. If you like mushrooms, you can easily get around 40% of the recommended daily amount of honey in your food.