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Here’s What Amazon Order Management System Can Do For You

One platform, many channels. Price Reporter OMS combines orders from dozens of channels, whether Amazon and Walmart or eBuy and GSA Advantage and offers simple and convenient order management and processing from one place.

With ease, Amazon OMS takes into account the specifics of each sales channel and adapts them to ensure smooth and uniform order processing. You simply log into the central order management system and view all orders, manage inventory and search your product catalog across all sales platforms most intuitively and clearly. You can also click on the following source/link to get more details on the Amazon order management system:

Amazon Seller, Vendor, FBA – Cin7

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Command execution automatically

Developing the Amazon Order Management System, which greatly simplifies and automates order execution at every phase. For each order, the system selects the optimal supplier, the closest dealer, and the most cost-effective shipping method.

Thanks to integrated EDI support and automatic rules/default settings, you can finally turn off a large number of paper documents and enjoy the best prices, shipping costs, and fast workflows. 

Fast delivery. Always.

Essential for the commercial market and absolutely “mandatory” on the federal market, on-time delivery is much easier for you with Price Reporter OMS. Our Amazon order management system integrates seamlessly with major shipping companies like UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

Painless accounting

Thanks to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the system can instantly synchronize data with third-party accounting systems, including the most popular ones like Quickbooks. You don’t need to enter data twice into accounting software if you already have it elsewhere.