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Home Remodeling Beyond the Kitchen and Bath

It is well known that the most popular home renovation projects are the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen and bath remodeling is the most popular and most expensive. If you are not satisfied with the space, usability, function of your kitchen or bathroom, but you cannot pay for makeover bills, consider several other projects that can benefit your kitchen and bathroom without increasing your budget.

It's called "desk service," and while gathering around the table for family meals or meetings can anchor the family, things like homework, school projects, or sewing and home crafts can mess up your kitchen space. During a busy school year, you might be afraid to cook and spend your budget on dinner because you feel cramped, overwhelmed, or disorganized in the kitchen.

Redesigning your cabinets and storage space won't make homework easy. What you need is a designated study area. The addition of study space, even though it is not the whole room but carved space, can restore your kitchen. Think of cabinets that you don't fully utilize. With a little demolition and special installation, even the smallest corner cabinet can be turned into a study room without taking up additional space.


Many times the bathroom, especially the main bathroom which must be a vacation spot for adults at home is used as a catch all. This is where the laundry collects dirty and clean, and it is the only place where the ironing board can expand without taking footpaths or without bouncing eyes, except for you. Look at your laundry area. A minimal expansion of walls, additional shelves, a built-in ironing board, laundry sorter and cupboards added even to the smallest laundry room can clean the main bath and make it feel relaxed and uncluttered.