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How Afternoon Tea and High Tea Can Be Enjoyed?

Tea can be enjoyed any time of the day. You can enjoy tea, including breakfast, lunch, and after dinner. Tea is most enjoyable in the afternoon for many tea drinkers. Tradition has a lot to do with this.

When the words “afternoon Tea” or “high Tea” are mentioned, it is easy to picture a cozy, beautiful back garden with lots of flowers, and a table with pretty teapots and cups. Two people enjoy the rest of the afternoon with a cup of tea and sweet finger food while they lazily relax in this mini-party setting.

This is the tradition of drinking Afternoon Tea. You can also order the best afternoon tea in Dubai through It is typically consumed between lunch and dinner and contains delicate sweet finger foods such as small cakes. This is how traditional English Afternoon Tea is made.

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This tradition dates back to the 19th century. It was initiated in England by the Duchess and usually begins with butter and bread served in the middle of the afternoon.

Since then, many generations have enjoyed afternoon tea. Not only in England, but also in other countries that love tea. With the introduction of pastries and other finger foods, this tradition has steadily evolved over the years. The time that Afternoon Tea is served has not changed.

However, high tea is quite a different idea. It sounds more formal. It is sometimes served as afternoon tea, but it is usually served at six in the evening. High tea, due to its length of serving, is sometimes called “meat tea” at dinner.

Tea time is now a continuous rotation. Each person has a preference for the best time to have tea. No matter what time it is, tea serves as a social function and brings people together at all times of the day.