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How Cybersecurity solution makes Sense

A solid strategy is essential to address cybersecurity threats in your company. Even worse is buying a solution that doesn't meet your data protection or employee awareness training needs. You need a business strategy that makes sense, and that will help you achieve both.

What problem are you trying to solve? Do you want to solve a specific problem or something more important? How did you determine this "problem" was the priority? Many organizations are still stuck in tactical warfare, reactively managing tools and putting out fires. This is their Cybersecurity program. Then you are ready to get a Cybersecurity solution or services from

Deep-thinking projects that address business and IT initiatives are the best way to make use of a Cybersecurity professional’s skills, rather than managing tools. These include Cloud adoption, advanced Threat Hunting, and Data protection. They also include establishing reference architectures, evaluating new technologies, designing reviews, and improving Cybersecurity programs.

The best way to buy Cybersecurity is to start with a risk assessment. This should include current, informed, mature Threat modeling. As it should be, this is just the beginning. As risks change over time so should the analysis. This is the foundation of the strategy. Next, a Framework should then be selected, championed, and implemented.

Your team should focus their efforts on more difficult, urgent areas where they can use their brainpower to the fullest extent.