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How I Cope With My Fear of Flying?

To overcome your fear of flying you can download an online guide that will give you instant access to information.

You can go to your local library for more resources, use of herbal medicine, listening to hypnosis CDS and of course in the end, you can go and see your doctor who can prescribe medication if they deem it necessary. If you want to know what to do against the fear of flying then you can browse

So why do some people suffer from fear of flying, especially those who have been happily traveling on planes for years?

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Most fear is irrational emotion that comes from the perceived rather than real threat which is why it is commonly called a phobia. A phobia is a usually irrational fear. Just because irrational it does not make it feel less real for us who suffer or those of us who experienced it in the past.

As your mind believes there is a threat to you when you fly for many reasons, most commonly because they believe you are going to crash, it instigates the fight or flight response. Quite often the brain can feel the threat on takeoff when you hear a lot of noise which is not used to, or you might hit turbulence and not understand what it was all about.