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How To Build An RC Battery Pack?

If you like RC, you know how important batteries are. The type of battery you choose, how well your battery is assembled, and how efficiently you charge, are important considerations for powering your RC car. Of course, you can buy pre-assembled batteries, but you can also make your own and get the satisfaction of designing and driving your own car.

The first thing to do when choosing to install a rechargeable lithium-ion battery is what power and how much juice you need. You should also consider the following:

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1. Look at your car's chassis. The type of vehicle is less important than the space you need to cover. Batteries may need to be oriented to flat packages, stacked packages, or both. You also need to consider the weight distribution in your car – whether the weight of the battery is distributed sideways or from back to front. In some cases, the space in your battery compartment cannot be adjusted. Remember these limitations before you begin.

2. Look at the motor that drives your RC car. Depending on the power requirements, you can determine how many batteries or cells you need. Here you can also decide what type of battery you want to use – if you want to save NiMH batteries or upgrade to LiPo.

3. Determining your tension is actually just a supplement. The standard voltage in the cell is 1.2 V, so the wires in the series – 12 batteries increase to 14.4 V – drive the 14.4 volt RC motor.