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How to Choose Most Popular Types of Carpets

The carpet has a large industry worldwide. They love in every culture, region and tradition. Type of carpet used traditional regional and may vary. This is a huge industry that there are some types of carpet. Some, not all, of them are mentioned here.


Woven carpets have the highest quality. A hand-operated or electric driven machines used to weave this carpet of certain fabrics. machine called as Loom. Containing fabric harness, lay, reeds, shuttles, treadles, etc. These yarns are available in various colors. The carpet design and thread woven destined appropriate. You can also buy indoor area carpets from various online sources.


Tufted carpet does not match the quality and standards, even a price tag of carpet weaving. They are usually made on a machine tufted using either a colored or non-colored yarn. These rugs can be made so long as the human energy that it takes less.  

Feel the needle:

Additional advances needle felt carpet in the carpet-making industry. an electrostatic attraction is used in making them. Needle felt carpet is used where the floor is highly used by many people or large crowds walking on it, for example, in hotels etc. This is because the high permanence and durability of the carpet.

Hooked rug:

It is handmade, usually smaller in size, carpet. It is mainly used as the center is home. They are the simplest and easiest to make. These rugs come into the category of craft.