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How To Choose PRP Kit Suppliers in New Jersey

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a non-surgical treatment that is quickly making a name for itself in medical and cosmetic practice. Every clinic offering therapy should have a quality PRP kit to properly separate blood components and maintain the autologous platelets used to inject platelet-rich plasma.

So what features should you look out for when buying a PRP kit? With any PRP treatment, it is important to use a PRP product with a high platelet count that is rich in growth factor components to stimulate wound healing and tissue repair. 

The #1 PRP Kit Suppliers in New Jersey provide PRP centrifuges that have the ability to effectively deliver a high concentration of platelets.

Determining the correct PRP kit

To prepare autologous PRP, the centrifuge machine must not only be able to carry out the extraction process, but also provide the desired platelet concentration for injection. Choosing an ineffective kit can lead to platelet-poor plasma, which has a low or absent platelet count and low growth factors.

Currently, there are many well-known brands of PRP kits. The most important factor to keep in mind is the machine’s ability to produce high concentrations of platelet-rich plasma. Your patient may not get the most from PRP treatment if they have a low platelet count.